Shootsta is a global video production platform that delivers affordable corporate videos, interviews and marketing videos for different businesses. The company is headquartered in Singapore.

Their geographical coverage includes: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Spain, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines.


Shootsta requires content creators from all around the world. Different types of video shoots would also be happening anywhere, anytime - from interviews, events, corporate videos, promotional videos, drone, to property walkthrough.

Another difficulty is the language barrier. In particular, some clients do not speak English or they would like to speak in their local language during the shoot.


KaChick curates different types of local videographers in multiple cities. Since local photographers are based in their own cities, during COVID, they can still travel around the city relatively easily, and shoots may still happen even during border closure or lock down.

KaChick provides suitable options for different types of videographers based on Shootsta’s needs, not only for events, or interviews, but also drones operators, interior walkthrough, and film directors.

Our local videographers speak at least English and their local language. This ensures that they have no problem in communicating with the clients even when they are not locals.

For every shoot, we set up a communication group with both clients and videographers to ensure all parties are on the same page. Even for the shoots which do not happen in Asia or within the same time zone, we follow up in real time. From preparation till post-production, we support the client even under unexpected situations.


Shootsta and their clients are satisfied with our curated videographers and even requested to use the same crews for future shoots, building a long-term trusting partnership with us.

The company also benefited from the time and cost saved on simultaneously sourcing photographers in multiple locations. Of course, with local crews, video shoots are more likely to still happen even during border closure or lockdown.

Some highlighted clients include Estée Lauder, Citi Bank, FWD, Homeaway, Invesco and P&G.

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