The CEO Magazine is an international business magazine headquartered in Sydney, Australia. They have tailored editions for 6 geographic regions and 39 countries. The magazine features stories of different world-class business leaders and CEOs.


CEO Magazine Asia does online interviews with company leaders all over the world and needs portraits for their publication. However, those CEOs are located in multiple places in Asia, sometimes even in second or third-tier cities in China. It is time-consuming to find photographers and travel to those cities to satisfy such needs.

CEOs usually have tight schedules, which can change every day. It is difficult to match the dates with all CEOs if only 1-2 photographers are available. They also have tight schedules so the onsite shoots at the offices usually only allow for 45 minutes to 1 hour.


KaChick’s cross-border photographer curation and coordination service caters perfectly to the company’s frequent shooting needs.

Since local photographers are based in their own cities, it saves unnecessary time and cost from traveling. Even during COVID, they can still travel around the city, and shoots can still continue even during border closure or lockdown.

Local photographers also have more flexibility to match their schedules with the clients.

Local photographers have the benefit of their own ‘local style’ that can match and reflect the company’s culture. For instance, Japanese photographers’ distinctive style.

Gump, our in-house photo collaboration platform facilitates CEO Magazine Asia to share and download their photos with high speed. The in-built “Photographer’s Recommendation” feature also allows our client to get added advice / value from the photographer easily. Lastly, the system is useful for the company’s photo archiving.


With KaChick’s help, all photo shoots and publications are made to happen on time through a smooth workflow. CEO Magazine Asia has saved time and cost on sourcing photographers in multiple locations, while shoots can still go on even during border closure or lockdown.

Most importantly, CEOs and clients are satisfied with the photos and enjoyed the experience.

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