Being the largest cosmetic group worldwide, L'Oréal owns 30 brands, from luxury to everyday, and from dermocosmetics to haircare. It has counters located in 12 countries across Asia (both airports & downtown). The Group achieved 29.9 billion euros of sales in 2019.


The Group has frequent needs for interior and counter photos and videos in Asia for new counters as well as decorations during various seasons, festivals, and product releases. It is time-consuming and expensive to send production crews one by one, considering their travel and accommodation fees.

COVID-19 lockdown, border closure and quarantine made it difficult for foreigners to enter the region let alone production crews for shooting.

What’s more, the long travelling and production time means their only production crew cannot handle shooting in multiple locations at the same time.

It is also difficult for the company to archive and organize their photos for specific campaigns.


KaChick curates local production crews at affordable costs and in multiple cities simultaneously.

It provides an all-in-one solution for L'Oréal’s frequent photo and video shooting needs while minimizing production costs. It allows production to happen in different locations at the same time. Local teams also face fewer restrictions by border lockdown or quarantine.

Our in-house photo-proofing platform Gump helps L'Oréal with photo archiving through easy photo selection, feedback and download. It simplifies and standardizes the workflow amongst different stakeholders within the company.


L'Oréal has saved time and money on sourcing suitable photographers and videographers. The company also enjoys a flexible production schedule even during times in COVID. Lastly, the various departments collaborates on the photos through a simplified and standardized workflow.

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