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KaChick Academy Cultivating creative seeds


KaChick is much more than a marketplace to connect photographers with customers. We want to give something back to our younger generation. We see every youth as a seed whom we can incubate to ignite the brightest sparkle in the future.


We do this by creating a community to gather passionate souls in the creative-related space across generations. We challenge the status quo of ways to learn creative subjects. Instead of studying a specific genre, you will be exposed to a wide range of practical knowledge via experience sharing, workshops and job shadowing opportunities.

In KaChick Academy,

We welcome creative talents, experienced photographers, industry experts, societies or faculties and social enterprises to take part in this exciting program.

Creative talents who are passionate in photography, videography and related topics - Through the program, you will get training and first-hand experience from our mentors - something you definitely can't find in textbooks.

Photographers who have solid experience in different genre / topics - Seeds need the right soil to germinate. We see photographers as mentors who can establish long-term relationship with other creative minds. Grow these creative seeds with us!

Industry experts - Cultivate youth with soft skills and business development skills is the crux to unlock one's potential. Join us to nurture these creative seeds!

Societies or faculties in Universities - we focus on incubating creative minds. Collaborate and partner with us.

Social Enterprise / Organizations with CSR Purpose - We see social enterprise as a vital channel to cultivate creative talents. Partner with us and learn more.

KaChick Academy Members
  • Increase your exposure in different areas amongst the photography / film / videography fields
  • Deepen and consolidate your photography skills
  • Connect with a community of with experienced photographers
  • Leverage your brand as a contributor in the creative industry
  • Utilize the platform to share your experience and tell your stories
  • Gain Insights and inspirations from a younger generation
  • Connect with young and passionate students
  • Collaborate with reliable assistants / interns

How It Works

The KaChick Academy program consists of 5 phases. We believe that through the program, young talents will not only be equipped with real-life experience, but also important soft skills and business development techniques. Each program is tailor-made via one-on-one meetings.

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Starting point

Gathering Passionate minds
We recruit creative talents passionate in creative media via a wide range of channels. Currently, we are collaborating with faculties & societies across tertiary education sectors and more.

Phase 1

Wide-Scope Topic Sharing
We invite professional photographers to share their unique stories. What have they gone through to reach today? What lessons have they learnt? Gain insights from our handpicked photographers with a wide range of background and specialties.

Phase 2

Jobs in real life
On-the-Job training is the crux of every photographer. We provide learning opportunities with experienced photographers individually / as a group. Enjoy and experience how they work and deal with uncertainties in real life!

Phase 3

You -- Society
Simply having technical skills is far from success. We invite photographers and other industry experts to help you develop a wide variety of soft skills, such as strengthening your communication skills, building your network, how to build a nice brand and sharpen your competitive edge.

Phase 4

Professional photographer in the commercial space
Your full-time career is in fact a proper business. KaChick collaborates with guests, from Startup CEOs to young entrepreneurs, to share their insights on finding your perfect spot in the market and how to run your own successful business in practice.

Phase 5

The Showcase Day
Time to showcase your talent! Present your ideas on our designed theme on your stage, your style, your way. Grow your network and gain valuable feedbacks from our pool of experienced photographers and judges. Unleash your potential to be the ultimate "KaChick Academy Showcase Champion"!

Exclusive Benefits

As a KaChick Academy Member, you can:

  • Showcase your profile on the "KaChick Academy" page (www.KaChick.com/KaChickAcademy)
  • Be featured as one of the recommended photographers for customers and other photographers
  • Certificate ^
  • Be part of a community with experienced photographers and other creative leaders in the industry
  • Exclusive seats for KaChick networking events

^ Only participants with an attendance rate of 80% or above can receive a certificate


Seize your moment. Don't hesitate!
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KaChick Academy

For Creative Talents
Are there any requirements to join KaChick Academy?
We welcome passionate individuals who would like to pursue a full-time career in the creative media field.
How long will each phase last for?
Time for each phase varies. Nevertheless, each KaChick Academy program should complete in approximately 3 months.
How regular are the sharing sections done by professional photographers and guests?
We will have a minimum of 4 bi-weekly sharing sections in each KaChick Academy program.
Can I choose my mentor?
You can have preference on mentors and we will try to tailor make according to your preference. Nevertheless, KaChick reserves the right of final decisions on the matching process.
What happens if I drop out?
Please contact Support@KaChick.com in advance to inform us. We may consider adopting a low-priority measure when you apply for future events hosted by KaChick.
Are these mentors experienced? How can I trust them?
We handpick and recruit passionate mentors for KaChick Academy programme, who are all well-respected in the industry and willing to contribute to cultivating creative minds.
For Mentors
Are there any requirements to join KaChick Academy?
Currently, we are proactively approaching mentors through face-to-face meetings. If you are interested, please contact Support@KaChick.com. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.
What are the requirements to be a mentor?
We recruit: (i) Photographers with solid experience in different genre / topics, (ii) Industry experts who can share their insights and experience on soft skills, Business Development, and other related topics.

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