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So, Who Are WE?

Hi there - we are smiling ‘cause you are here! We’re Larry & Peggy.

Although we carry different background and stories, there’s one thing in common: both of us love people and care for little things in life. Larry is a father who treasures the time of exploring the world with his two girls. Peggy recently got married. She enjoys traveling in new places with new people to bond and expand her perspectives.

Pictures are taken as return tickets to a moment otherwise gone. To our frustration, we often find ourselves missing in most as we’re too busy capturing these moments for families and friends.

Questions came to our minds. Don’t we all deserve our own photos with candid smiles and emotions captured beautifully? When we are 80 years old sharing stories with our grandkids, do we really want to look at empty pictures of ocean/buildings or ones with ourselves enjoying the moments?

This is why we start KaChick. We all deserve better memories, however “big” or “small”. With this in heart, we try our best to make KaChick a place where anyone can hire a photographer anytime, anywhere so your joyous moments in life can be preserved and treasured.

If you appreciate love, happiness and moments, you’ll feel right at home.

“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives.
And if things don’t work out, take another shot.”

The Crew

The Nanny with a BIG ❤

A happy moment
"The very moment my pup arrived home. Since then, my social life depends primarily on his eating and potty schedule...all the Net-A-Porter times suddenly became hours of doggo gadgets browsing. He now crowns himself boss at home and I’m happily at his service! His name is Lobster by the way."

Swimming Daddy

A happy moment
"I enjoy swimming under heavy rain in an outdoor pool with no one else there. I feel at peace sitting at the bottom of the pool watching drops of rain hit the water surface. And of course, any moments with my girls…"

A Nerd With a Camera

A happy moment
“Enjoying nights, either coding in room or walking in the quiet streets with my camera.”

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